Here is page 2 of some free and varied Daintree/Cape Triblation  Walks for you to enjoy on your visit  to Cairns and Tropical North Queensland. Most are in National Parks. They are also on a web app for your mobile phone, tablet or mobile device. qwe.com.au
The following walks are north of the Daintree River without good mobile phone reception. Add to Reading List or take a screen shot of the maps on qwe.com.au and save it in Photos before you get there.

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These walks are on the north side of the Daintree River and require a ferry crossing to get to them. There are peak times for the ferry and these are mid morning, crossing from the southern side, and mid afternoon coming from the north side.

JINDALBA BOARDWALK. qwe.com.au/croc/#j (MOBILE)

Jindalba means "Foot of the Mountain" in the Kuku Yalanji language. Jindalba is accessed from the Tulip Oak Road intersection on the Cape Tribulation Road. This is where the Discovery Centre is and just before the Cow Bay Hotel. Turn right and travel the short distance to the carpark at Jindalba. The visitation rate here is much less than Mossman Gorge. It is often used by birdwatchers looking for Cassowaries and other rainforest species along the tracks.

This 650 metre rainforest boardwalk circuit winds up the hill and sometimes reaches 3 metres off the ground. This provides elevated views of this lowland rainforest, including king ferns and fig trees. The interpretive signs explain the rainforest structure and ecological processes of how different species have evolved to make up the rainforest.
Keep a look out for Cassowaries. These are large flightless birds and it is best to keep your distance. For goodness sake do not feed them or act as if you are going to feed them. Cassowaries are best ignored and left to there own own business.



MARRDJA BOTANICAL WALK. qwe.com.au/croc/page2.html#mar (MOBILE)
To the north of Thornton Beach on the Cape Tribulation Road is Marrdja Botanical Walk. There is limited parking just off the main road. Starting with rainforest the walk winds gently downhill and ends up as a boardwalk in the mangroves. There is interpretive signage along the way and some excellent sculptures of mangrove root systems at the end. Not far from the start is the famous Sydney Harbour tree which is a strangler fig tree with the host tree rotted away. It is very reminescent of the Sydney Harbour Bridge. Australian Brush Turkeys can be seen and heard scratching around the forest floor.
Birdwatchers have reported sightings of "Little Kingfisher" along the creeks and estuary. This tiny kingfisher is a highly sort prize and rarely seen without the aid of a boat. Early in the day the rainforest birds are more vocal and you may be lucky enough to hear the tenor voice of the Wompoo Fruit-Dove or the scratchy call of the Spotted Catbird. In spring the Victoria's Riflebird harsh call will be obvious; "


Right in Cape Tribulation with a large carpark, Dubuji has been well thought out and can cater for wheelchairs on the track and also the toilets.
Dubuji means "Place of Spirits" in the Kuku Yalanji language.
Special funding was provided to produce a walk in a what can be a busy tourist area using a boardwalk to protect the environment. At 1.2 kms the track is rather short but there is plenty there to satisfy most people and there is also access to the beach. With the interpretive signage allow about an hour for the journey.

KUILKI RAINFOREST WALK. qwe.com.au/croc/page2.html#k (MOBILE)
This walk is also well used by the public and starts at the carpark for the Cape Tribulation Beach. It leads to a terrific lookout over the beach and the mountainous coastline. Look out for a pair of Shining Flycatchers near the beach.



This is a 5 hour track up Mount Sorrow Ridge behind Cape Tribulation and is suitable for experienced and fit people.
Details can be obtained from National Parks. Phone 0740982188 (Mossman)