Chris Dahlberg & Denise Collins
Chris Dahlberg & Denise Collins :-
Chris and Denise have lived in Douglas Daintree for 30 years and have been involved in making people's holidays better with their local tourism businesses and knowledge. In retirement they are particularly interested in putting this knowledge into good use for themselves and other retirees.
Chris and Denise produce the award winning app "Keys to Port Douglas".

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Living life as a retiree can be a lot of fun. We have a great respect for monetary values and we know how to pack a picnic lunch.
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Dining in Douglas Daintree can be an expensive and sometimes a crowded affair at lunch time.
A major part of the expense is the prices charged for wine. (It is unusual to find a bottle of wine under $30 on the wine lists.)
Gossips Sav blancGossips Cab sav
Gossips $3.99 Rumors $4.99
By stocking up at Dan Murphy's in Smithfield (on the way to Douglas Daintree) a bottle of wine can be less than $4 each.

Our grocery supplies come from Woolworths in Mossman and liquor supplies from Dan Murphy's in Smithfield. Smithfield is on the way from Cairns to Douglas Daintree.
Limited supplies at Cape Tribulation, Rainforest Camp and Daintree Village.

picnic table
Picnic table at Wonga Beach
Perhaps one of the things we like to do most is lunch and there are plenty of spots to do it.

Cheeseburger under $2
We use portable one burner gas stoves and get good results:
(Stove $29 and 4 gas bottles $8 from Woolworths or the hardware store in Mossman.)

Free BBQ's
There are free electric BBQ's south of the Daintree River at, Port Douglas, Mossman, Wonga Beach, Cooya Beach, Newell Beach and Daintree Village.
Make your own salad dressing:
3 parts olive oil to one part of vinegar plus seasoning and herbs.
Use Balsamic or white wine vinegar for variations.