Written by Chris Dahlberg  who is a long term Port Douglas/Daintree resident and tourism pioneer.
Graham Pizzey dubbed him "The Birdman of Daintree" after a visit in 1994 to promote "Holidays with a difference" for P & O who owned Silky Oaks at the time.
Chris became interested in birdwatching around 1991 when he met Jo Wieneke researching her field guide for "Where to find birds in north-east Queensland". Just after then Chris met Lloyd Nielsen who was researching his field guide on "Birds of Queensland's Wet Tropics and Great Barrier Reef Islands" and his Daintree Book.

Harold and Audrey Crouch produced Bird Calls of the Daintree about then closely followed by the Lure of Daintree with John Young and David Stewart's Wet Tropics cassettes. It was a welcome bonus for them to taken out on the Daintree River by Chris to produce their films and sound recordings. It certainly made birdwatchers aware of Daintree and his dawn river trip.

Since selling the boat business to Murray Hunt in 2011 Chris has won local awards for innovations in the mobile field and these days produces mobile phone apps whilst keeping a weather-eye on his beloved pursuit of watching Daintree birds.